AA Traffic Alerts on your in-car navigation system

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Garmin Asus

How it works

In order to receive AA Traffic for your car navigation device, you first need to purchase a compatible car navigation product. These include Navman and TomTom portable navigation devices, which are available from your local electronics store.

There are two ways to receive AA Traffic Alerts. RDS-TMC and Mobile.

Navman supports RDS-TMC, where AA Traffic alerts are sent to your Navman car navigation device via FM broadcast radio in and around Greater Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The TomTom connected GPS devices will receive alerts anywhere there is a Vodafone GPRS network and the Garmin-Asus smartphone will receive alerts anywhere there is a Telecom XT network.

The car navigation system uses GeoSmart Maps, especially configured to receive traffic information, based on your current location. The car navigation unit will give you an audible alert to tell you that there is an accident or incident in your way, providing you with details of what the problem is. It will then offer you the choice of taking an alternate route to bypass the problem.

Report traffic incidents by dialling *222 (free from your mobile).